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Week of Awesome V - Day 1



End of day 1 for me.


I spent several minutes deciding on what genre to use, And I ended up going with a side scroller.
As I am UE4, I could start with the side scroller template.
And so I have done most of the basics.
The themes I am aiming for are: Alien invasion, Castles.
But I am looking for ways to incorperate the others in some way, Unless that is a no-no.
So far the basis of my game will be that the Player has to infiltrate the enemies castle to eleminate the leader to help make the invasion easier.
I am trying to make the game be "simple" so that I can focus on what will make it fun, And no feature creep.
What I have:
  • Player: Jump, Run, Left/Right, Targetting(Ironsights), Crouching.
  • Enemy: AI that will move to the player onsight, Or wonder around randomly if the player is not sighted.
  • Basic weapon that uses raycasts (traces in UE4 speak)
  • Riuthamus's asset pack


What I plan on getting done tomorrow:
  • Getting the AI to use melee
  • Getting AI to use a gun
  • Making the enemies killable
  • Making the player killable
  • First level
Here is a picture:
That's all for now.
And good luck to everyone else.

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Already looking like a game, nice work.

I find it interesting how the default gray looks so good with the art, Riuthamus must have constantly tested it in Unreal along side the gray the get it to match so well. Something for Unreal users to take advantage of.

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