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Hi All,

I'm taking part in the Week Of Awesome again. Third time. This year I don't have as much time available, a new job and newborn have left me with precious little vacation time left for the year and less personal time when I'm at home. With that said, I was in my day job today and will be tomorrow so I have only had time enough to think of an idea.

The themes are interesting this year, I couldn't think of much for assassination  but the castle theme and alien invasion is making me think Sci Fi/Fantasy crossover Tower Defence game. The genre is bursting at the seams but it should keep the scope small and well defined.

With all of my jobs for the evening out of the way, I have only had enough time for pulling together a fresh project and the basics of my framework. So no pictures :(

Hopefully I will make some progress tomorrow.



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3 hours ago, Thaumaturge said:

Good luck! And if I may say it, congratulations on both the new job and the newborn. ^_^

Thanks! Thoroughly enjoying both of them.

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19 hours ago, ArThor said:

Thanks! Thoroughly enjoying both of them.

I'm glad to read it! ^_^

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