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WOA - 5

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WOA-5 day -1



hey guys!!! So this is our first year, while participating in this competition. Both me and Anomaly are programmers so i am not sure how this will go on. Today we mostly planned of that we are going to do and how our project should look like. So Anomaly wanted to do something related to assasin topic that would have stealth based mechanics(dark, scary 3d game where you go around killing people). AS for me my idea was to do 2d side scroller about friendly alien, who came to medieval times and was beaten and robed of his ship(help him to get it back, or run from circus in which he was put).  so at the end we tried to look for compromise and that is the conclusion that we got.

The themes we've chosen are assassination and castles, however due to the potential inclusion of different assets such as traps, it might ultimately also fit under the "chain effect" category.
The game is aimed to be a rather simplistic 3D perspective-locked side scroller of sorts -- I think we'll call it "Castle Crawler" to better reflect the setting.

The game is ultimately planned to consist of multiple levels with the end goal on each of them to assassinate a certain person under certain conditions, such as being undetected.
The main challenges for this week will be building the stealth mechanics and the AI of the enemy units. Of course, the biggest challenge of them all is finding the right assets and using them correctly. Pretty tough to do with two programmers alone :)

Best of luck to everyone else and forth to awesome games!




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22 hours ago, jbadams said:

Welcome to the contest! :)

It is nice to be here !!! :D 

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