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1.02 late update Project Castle

Scouting Ninja


So day one went by without me making much progress, as I was stuck at work having a bad day. I did get a lot of time to think about the game.

Project Castle is a game where aliens invade earth in a distant future. Realizing that humanity is doomed, they gather everyone important and stuffed them into bunkers. The Player takes control of a prince of that age and attempts to retake earth from the aliens.

"Scholars debate the scope of the word castle, but usually consider it to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble." Wikipedia

The prince lives inside his own private thank named "The Castle" an fights against the aliens.


The aliens will all be close range fighters, with the player having the advantage of range. Instead of directly killing the aliens the player will need to use the destructive environment. I am hoping to use the environment as a way of causing chain reactions.

This morning I got up extra early in hopes of getting at least something done before work:


Here we can see one of the aliens, 1st pass still a lot of work to be done on it. The yellow is the only weakness the alien has, killing it with a falling building will be easier than shooting it.


I will be using Unity and as such I already started adding curves into the engine. I will need it for the tank tracks and the other art.


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Are you going for a destructible environment, then? That could make for a neat entry, I think. ^_^


Hmm... If so, how would the player handle being swarmed? After all, in that situation bringing down the environment on the enemy may mean bringing it down on oneself, too...

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5 hours ago, Thaumaturge said:

Are you going for a destructible environment, then?

That's the idea, it's just not going to be supper realistic. Mostly just a object swapped with small physics objects. Will look a bit fake but that is all that I can do in the allowed time.

5 hours ago, Thaumaturge said:

Hmm... If so, how would the player handle being swarmed?

The tank can drive trough the environment and even if the tank bullets don't kill they will still knock enemies back. Swarming is the loosing condition so I don't wan't to prevent it too much.

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