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Kseh Woa V - 2017-08-08

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So, I guess I've pretty much committed myself to going with "Alien Invasion" and "Castles" such that the game I'm hoping to make has the player flying around in a UFO, dropping off alien troops to invade a town, and hopefully having some enemies to shoot at and avoid. I figure maybe wizards, that are sitting on top of a tower or maybe walking around, might be able to provide a reasonable energy weapon to fend off a hostile UFO and some kind of general soldiers on the ground to defend against the invaders on the ground. I would prefer to have a couple more types of enemies to deal with but I'm going to start with that.

The entire thing is way too ambitious but it's what I got at this point and I figure I gotta forge ahead. Pretty sure that just about any existing code that I have laying around is going to need to be redone. The graphics that I've been playing with at this point I like but they change the scale of everything that I've done in the past to make the castles look a decent size, so there's going to be lots to rework there. I do like the general idea because it is a bit of a shot at actually having the player invading towns with castles being their only real defense. But since I'm likely to end up simplifying any ideas I've had up to this point, I have no idea if it's going to be at all challenging or fun.

The goal in the next few hours is to try and get some kind of world or level generated, hopefully with towns populated somewhat.

Before this whole competition started, I was hoping that I'd improve on the scores that I got last time. At this point, I'm just aiming for being able to submit something.

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