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Week of Awesome V



Due to sporadic internet, if at all, here's basically a summary of the first two days.

I managed good headway with the engine and a quite nifty editor (thanks to my NIH syndrome sponsored GUI library). The used themes will be castles and assassination.
Infiltrate the castle and assassinate your targets without being seen. As a good assassin you can climb 3d block based castles to avoid footways; better than Lara :) And since you're there, why not bag a few valuable trinkets as well?




Since there's two days in this entry here's a second glimpse (showing a probable tutorial level inside the editor)





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Looks great! Kinda reminds me of Fez.

I always enjoy playing your entries so I'm looking forward to this one!

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This looks interesting :) I'd love to play it already, looking forward to seeing it ^^

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Interesting--the climbing aspect looks like a particularly neat addition to the gameplay, I think. ^_^

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