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WOA V - Day 2


Another quick update for the WOA. I was in the day job again today but had a few more hours in the evening. I've decided to go with a tile map for my tower defence game but with continuous movement across the map and a simple low poly style to keep my art time down. Hopefully it will look good when finished. Progress wise, I have pulled together some old code for tile maps and put together the foundation for a terrain. Not 100% happy with how it looks so still no pictures.

Tomorrow, I have the whole day available so I'm hoping to get moving, catch up and make some real progress. I'm intending to get a path down on the map, a simple castle base and enemies moving over the terrain.

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Making a game within a week is a challenge by it self, then there is the fact that work comes first. I think most of us will just have a very small game in the end.

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