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Week of Awesome V: Day 2: Strange Creatures



Greetings and salutations!

Day two of the fifth Week of Awesome has concluded for me! It's been a fairly productive day for me, I think--although I'll confess that I didn't manage to finish quite everything that I had wanted to.

First, however, a screenshot showing some of the game's current state:

Not terribly pretty just yet, but early days (I hope). You can see some of my little prototype level, and the two enemies thus far implemented--the further, taller enemy shoots at range, while the smaller, spidery fellow attacks in melee.

So, what did I get done today?

First of all, as shown above, I have some enemies now!

In addition, I have some simple weapons implemented, and the player can select between available weapons and kill the enemies with them. No GUI has yet been implemented to display what weapons are available, or which is selected, however. The enemies can fight back, and do damage--but this currently has no effect beyond lowering a number and printing to the console the damage dealt.

Alas, in taking the screenshot above I discovered that the "spider" seems to have become broken at some point, no longer attacking. Something to look into, I fear. :/

Speaking of damage, I've implemented simple falling damage: if a creature (I think that I implemented this for both player and enemies) lands after building up too much speed, they should now die. (Or harmlessly take damage equal to their health, in the case of the currently-invulnerable player.)

I've also implemented in-level music, employing some royalty-free pieces by Kevin MacLeod via his site http://incompetech.com. The game should randomly pick from the four pieces that I've downloaded, and once that piece has finished, pick another. I've selected and loaded menu music from the same source, but don't yet have a menu over which to play it.

I think that that's everything for today--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^


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Looks pretty creepy!

If you add some moody lighting you could easily make that into a horror game!

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4 hours ago, dmatter said:

Looks pretty creepy!

If you add some moody lighting you could easily make that into a horror game!

Thank you very much! ^_^


Hmm... I'm not yet sure of quite how to go about lighting it. (I have an idea in mind, which may be produced by the current lighting in conjunction with normal maps and textures...) We'll see how it looks once the levels are textured, I think!

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