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Day 2.02 Update Simple Menu

Scouting Ninja


So day two has passed, without me doing much.

Knowing that even today I will have little time am doing the best I can, holding out for the weekend where I have arranged for three full days to work on the game.


I made my main menu as it's the only thing that I could think of doing in only one and a half hour:


Yea I know it's a ugly.

Mostly it allowed me to get an idea of the atmosphere of the game an to start arranging my work folders. One thing I plan to avoid is using any Unity packs, the whole idea for me is to see what I can get done with Unity as is.

For the font I found Unity had only the shadow and outline effects. I needed to make a shader to get the gradient. The shader alone took over an hour, costing me some of my sleeping time, not really an effective way of doing this.


One thing in Unity's favour at the moment is the UI scaling was easy to do and with mips the screen here looks the same as it did in 1600*900 it is 1280*768; still 16*9 however the other sizes work just as well.


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