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Devlog #7 - New Villagers have arrived Miauuu



Heya we're back for more news!


Today we are going to talk about the art of "Project SpaceVille"! We are no longer using placeholders for everything!


A few months ago, we met an artist on DeviantArt who was interested in our project and decided to help us with the art department.

She has developed a loooot of concepts for us!

Main character concepts, villagers, clothes, buildings etc.

She has also already made a 3D version of the main character tho it's just a base mesh with a simple texture.


And look at this cute couple she made! Don't you just love them?



Meanwhile, we got an intern at FAXIME who was a rigger and animator.

Thanks to him our main character can now walk, run, jump, and do a lot of other actions! He did an incredible job, really! We are proud of him :)


Here's a little peek on what he did. Here's the link to the GIF http://gph.is/2uofiTq 


Stay tuned for more!


Bye everyone! :).



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