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Some Progress




Video gameply link ======>> Youtube video

Took me sometime but finally have the first very early gameplay footage, music is not mine, i use the free youtube music.

Let's talk about the combat now, to prevent players from rapidly clicking on the enemy i made a stamina bar, player may attack if stamina is 10/10 or 9/10 if  if the stamina is 9/10 full and the player attacks stamina will drop to 7/10 and he will have to wait more to attack again but if he attacks in just the right time then stamina is 10/10 he can continue to attack in a combo by waiting a shorter time between attacks.

In the future i plan to add more heavy attacks with high stamina cost, so another idea is to have a special bar similar to fighting games, every time player takes or delivers damage your special bar fills, player may use his special bar for unique attacks or to instantly refill his stamina bar to combine more heavy attacks.

I am working on a block action too, if player accidentally clicks on an enemy shield player gets stunt, player may be able to block the same way if he has a shield by blocking just the right time.


Thanks for reading!

My deviantart link ====> Deviantart link

My youtube channel ====> Youtube Channel





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