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Day 3 - Forts and stacks

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You can train soldiers now. Both teams have a fort now. Both teams can build barracks which can train troops. Right now, they light up in stacks, like this:


Soon, you will be able to actually tell the NPC's where to go. I have decided to forgo any pathfinding at all, and units will simply take a straight line path and simply stop and wait for further instructions when blocked by something, or attack it.

I tested the game on multiple computers today. Actually finding another computer with the correct operating system, number of bits proved to be a bit of a problem. Then I found a lot of my systems rely on synchronized system time, so the two computers spiraled out of sync even though the difference was only about 3/4th of a second. I might fix this, but since it can be easily manually fixed by turning on windows's automatic time synchronization, I don't think it's worth my time.

I think the game will be a little boring in a empty field right now as players will be mostly focused on defense. I might have some neutral towers and stuff in the middle so there is a rush in the beginning who can take control of those buildings, and encourage players to invest in offense right from the beginning, as well as some rocks to break the line of sight for ranged attackers. I will still see how far I come in implementing that.

I also think some kind of fog of war might also be fun. I just store the a y value something ahead of the farthest advance, and then have it very slowly retreat. This again motivates players to go into offense more often, instead of becoming a defensive arms race. I also won't have a way to repair damaged buildings, so players can make gradual progress breaking through the enemies defenses. They can buy new buildings of course, but I plan to make them so expensive that you have to save up quite long while you can invest a lot in offense in that time. Anyway, I should probably worry more about actually implementing stuff instead of inventing advanced features.

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