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Week of Awesome V, Part 3: ThunderStruck

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Yes, that is the name I've decided to give my game. It doesn't make any sense now, but it will one or two days later.

The battle system is coming along nicely, now you can select to either fight or try running away. And it's also displayed which enemy you have selected if you choose to fight. There are also some other text boxes visible in the battle. On the right there is the status screen showing the main character's current HP and at the top is the text box that narrates what happens in the battle.

I've also added a graphical feature that is also part of the battles in Earthbound. The psychedelic backgrounds. In my game it's implemented through a shader instead of a special graphical chip though. Also, you can't see it in the screenshot but the background will also slowly move. I hope the colors aren't too jarring, but if they are I can change them of course.

During development today, I've also managed to crash the Python interpreter. Not a nice exception mind you, but an actual windows-has-stopped-responding-crash. Turns out a Box2D rigid body was destroyed twice because some things were being de-initialized in a dubious order. After I figured that out it was a simple fix.

Tomorrow I hope to start with, and maybe finish, the "chain reaction" part of my game. It should look pretty cool once I have it working.

Download link:

Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel.

P.S. If you somehow manage to get a game over then you will only see a black screen. Just press Y to restart.


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I like the battle effect, looks nice in motion.  I also like your artstyle so far!  can't wait to see what you'll all be able to do, you look to be onto a great start.

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