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Week of Awesome V - Day 3



Greetings & Salutations.

End of day three for me.

Today has also been good, But I feel like I am going to fall behind schedule.
I need to improve my level design skill. I seam to start okay, But tend to make the rest bland or "boring".

I am having the player be the invader.
The EAF(Earth attack force) has found one of these elusive UFO's and gotten a flight path to the alien world.
The player has to infiltrate the castle where the alien defence system is run from(movie cliché huh?), And disable it.

Things completed today(From TDL):
        Main menu:
            Load next level at end
        Load next map
    (Main) menu
            Function to get next level based on current level name
            Move player from A to B
            Consume ammo
            Generate ammo
            Don't fire when out of ammo

Things to do tomorrow(From TDL, Again):
        Regenerate health
        Show death screen UI on death
    Build list of uneeded starter content
            Fire at player when in range instead of moving closer
        Main menu:
            Set engine overal scalability
    Ingame menu:
            Add some rocks
            Add some bushes
            Display message when data is gathered

I think I've spent a bit to long staring at the screen today, I plan on managing that better tomorrow.
Dang, I forgot to get a screenshot.
I have added that for tomorrow.

That is all for now,
Thanks for reading.


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