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Week of Awesome V - Day #4



Phew. Late night debugging showed that the ray casting code I used for line of sight was hilariously broken since the first usage years ago for straight vertical or horizontal lines. Good fun to debug :)

Anyhow, line of sight now seems to do what I want. I also managed to get the complete, fail and total win conditions in and get the menu stuff out of may way. All in all I have a short game of five stages that could well be a final entry. Of course I do hope to spend a bit time on more and bigger stages!

The game has thusly been dubbed Assassins'r'Us.


To be safe I uploaded a current preview version with the five stages I have. The game is mostly feature complete (but one feature I'd love to add) and can properly be played. In case I don't have any more time this would be my final entry. The submission is over at https://neonlightgames.com/woa/Submissions

A safety backup is also at www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/WoA5_Endurion_AssassinsrUs.zip





Recommended Comments

Really nice and fun to play!

I had a few issues though:  The main download link didn't work (corrupted zip) but the backup worked fine.  Rotate left/right key bindings were not set initially and jump seemingly doesn't work (tried changing the key binding but still no joy).


Also in writing this I accidentally knocked my mouse on the floor and it broke, so onto mouse #2.

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Thanks for the feedback, good to know. I'll set out to comment and test yours and other entries once I get a better net connection.

The jump is not in in that version, I hope to get it in tomorrow.

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Oh wow, a working submission (albeit that I gather from the above that there are some issues) already! That's impressive--well done! ^_^

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Hmm, it seems the zip that was uploaded got corrupted, i'm going to have to do some testing with the backup and uploading.

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