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Ludologists - Day 3 Week of Awesome



Day 3


Another morning meeting to summarize today's goals and we were off to the races! AI pathfinding and movement was the big cheese on the agenda today but prior to starting work on that we wanted to have a basic play area finalized. I started working on terrain sculpting and placing assets into an environment, along with my lighting prefabs I'd made from the night before. Disaster struck however when a miscommunication between me and Moofle caused a loss of progress on one of the collaboration merges. We would have to be more careful in the future! During this time Moofle started to work on our game's minimap with a degree of success, we plan on culling most of the rendered objects on the minimap and overlaying (or is it underlaying? :thinking:) a hand drawn map when we have our final area done.


Once the above was done it was time for the big cheese. We had to figure out exactly how our target would act when trying to navigate the walled castle city when trying to escape from our player controlled assassin. This being a very important structural pillar of our design we spent a decent amount of time simply going through the would-be scripts to be and conceptualizing them with comments. I believe this helped immensely when push came to shove and we started to code. We did a classic peer programming approach where I was the observer/strategist and Moofle was the driver (although he came up with some colorful terminology for this role). By the end of the session, about 5 hours in, we had something demonstrable of our original goal, which was a big win and improved morale - which, admittedly had been flagging as it usually does so far into a development session.

I wanted to continue working, but Moofle 'suggested' it was better to rest up and prepare for tomorrow then continue into the wee hours.
Up next
- Quashing a few bugs in the current version of the AI
- Creating a Navmesh/Waypoint system on our newly created environment.


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