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Day 4 - Movement

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I didn't have a lot of time today.



It is actually possible move your units now, and after some unexpected difficulties, it is impossible to move your opponents units. The target commands you can see in the terminal are of the form <unit id> <target X> <target Y> <elbow point time> <end point time>. This way, both players will see the units reach both the elbow point and the end point at the same time. In between start point and the elbow, there might be a slight difference since they start at a slightly different time. However, this distance is horizontal so it should be a lot less likely that something significant like combat happens in that time. If it does, the difference in time should be so minor a different outcome in combat is unlikely, and if it happens I will send a death event which will probably mean both combatants die. A noble sacrifice for the greatest virtue of all: to keep the games in sync.

The combat will work mostly the same for melee and ranged: When some kind of timer reaches 0, they will all look for enemies within range, and deal damage to random one. The range will be a lot higher for ranged then melee, and ranged range also get boosted when standing on towers. Both melee and ranged enemies will prefer to attack enemies of there own type, though I might skip that since I see no easy way to implement that. My framerate is already quite low, and the whole n^2 operation of computing the distances between all units will probably be quite significant. A framerate spike could potentially cause fast units to teleport through walls, and since the framerate might be quite different on both computers, that could cause the games to go out of sync. The whole double serverless simulation system is bound to cause a lot of unfixable bugs when the game rules get more complicated.

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