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WOA V - Day 4



Its the end of day 4. Couldn't work on the game much this morning but I have had a good several hours on it this afternoon.


I have some basic models in for towers and paths as well as some scenery although I hope to add more for variety. I have place-able tower foundations in my editor and in game they can be upgraded and the alien takes damage.

I still have a lot to do and very little time left, I need to remove the alien after it takes enough damage and add an effect to visualise projectiles from the towers. I also need to add an end tower and a failure condition so that there is an actual game. I need to get this done quick tomorrow so I can get a version released for testing otherwise there will not be enough time to find any major problems (GPU support/issues were a problem last year).

A selection of other issues/work:

  • Save/load maps, or players will have to make their own :(
  • Two more alien types.
  • Flesh out tower weapons and effects. 3 In total.
  • Castle geometry.
  • Sounds & music.
  • Main character and spells/abilities.
  • Maps/Levels.
  • Shadows are missing/Graphics quality needs improving.
  • Fix SkyBox seams!

It will be very difficult to get this finished on time.

There are a couple more pics and closeups at my twitter page


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That's not bad! Frankly, you have made good progress, do not be discouraged by all the work you have to do, focus on what is strictly necessary and after developing functionalities.

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One thing I am wondering will it matter if a alien travels up a slope, like will it slow them down making it a better place to build towers?

For the save you could just use a simple text document, it won't matter in the contest if players can edit the save. All languages has a tutorial on reading and writing a text document.

Looks amazing so far even without shadows. Using different colors of green on the terrain blocks helps set them apart and the trees are clear. The kind of Minecraft  style makes it clear that building is involved.

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