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Week of Awesome V - Day 4

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Greetings & Salutations.

End of day four for me.
Today has gone really well, I am sure I will hit my deadline.
And I have done quite a bit according to TDL, But then a lot of those where small things like adding sounds and such.
I am planning to be 90% finished by end of tomorrow, That way I can spend Saturday and Sunday adding polish and finishing up the non essential things.

I am not sure if having events take place in a castle and a single (till the end) alien invader will cut it for the themes, So I am going to put some more thought into that.

For anyone who is interested; I Highly recommend ToDoList by Abstract Spoon

Things done today:
        Stop sprinting when the player starts targeting
        Play sound when foot reaches ground
        Regenerate health
        Show death screen UI on death
            Target player on attack (take damage)
            Increase movespeed when using melee
            Allow frogmen to fire through each other
            Trace through other frogmen
            Go over Asher's YT AI tut
            Klaxon sound when player detected
            Add range helper
        Main menu:
            Set engine overal scalability
            Make list of FreeSound.org credits
            Ingame menu
        Death screen
        Weapon fire
        Turret fire
        Frogman fire
        Frogman melee
            Add some rocks
            Add some bushes
            Display message when data is gathered
            Make sure the enemies with guns actually shoot you
            Create draft in Krita
            Model after draft
            Place enemies
            Load next level
            Place props
            Do defense system disabling
            Place some turrets
    Day 4 screenshot
Things on tomorrows todo list:
        Add camera blocking volumes to stop camera from going past edges of maps
    Build list of uneeded starter content:
        Remove Floor_400x400
        Remove SM_Chair
        Remove SM_Couch
        Remove SM_CornerFrame
        Remove SM_Lamp_Ceiling
        Remove SM_Lamp_Wall
        Remove SM_Statue
            Fire at player when in range instead of moving closer
            Add weapon tracer fire
            Add tracer fire
            Use range helper to detect when player is in range instead of always tracing for the player
        Main menu:
            Set mouse sensitivity
            Make list of FreeSound.org credits
    Ingame menu:
    Do a packing test
        Frogman ambient noise
            Smoke PS not activating!
Two screenshots:

Thats all for now,
Thanks for reading.

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Recommended Comments

That forest run looks great, seeing how much you have done is shocking. Really like the style you are using for the levels.

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10 hours ago, dmatter said:

Wow looks stunning!

Keep up the great work :D



10 hours ago, Scouting Ninja said:

That forest run looks great, seeing how much you have done is shocking. Really like the style you are using for the levels.

Thanks, I am also liking the current style of level.
The secoond level I made still looks "boring" as it is basically a more realistic castle design with long corridors.
I have rebased the level style off DukeNukem and Commander Keen, And it seams to be working.

Alarge part of the progress is due using UE4(Unity probably gives the same benifit).

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