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WoA ProjectCastle Day 4 Update.

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Scouting Ninja


So I didn't find the time to update before work yesterday so I am doing this now, just before I start on what is day 5.

What I have been doing:

Decided to not use 3D tank tracks. Going to use a image with a UV animating shader. The reason is that even using the instance material the tracks are causing a slow down.

Found out that I can't replace a prefab in Unity with a other, instead I have to delete one and create one. There goes my object pool.

Shadows where a pain, there is a lot of buildings(cubes) in the game, so I had to create a invisible mesh that cast shadow for all of them instead of letting each cast there own shadow.


Working on the firing as I am typing this. 3 hours before I need to get ready for work, so I should get the basics down.

What I did yesterday when I couldn't update:


The CASTLE first pass.

Waiting for the weekend!

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