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Day 4 - Good enough is enough

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Today I spend most of my time on the art side, and I entered the perfectionist trap. I was making the castle sprite and because I didn't quite like how it was coming about so I deleted it and started fresh (did that 4 times already). Thankfully I had some errands to do today so when I came back I realized what I was doing, the next 3~4 hours were highly productive and got a lot done today.


  • Player, Mage, Castle basic sprite
  • Backgrounds
  • Upgrades kinda works
  • Enemies gives dust (number counter on the top left corner) to spend on upgrades
  • Some design stuff

The gif quality is poor, stuff looks weird.

Right now the player can press space to shot or hold it to do more damage, but I'm thinking on changing that to:

  1. No charge just press and shot
  2. Automatically shot but if player holds charge next shot
  3. Automatically shot no charge behaviour

I'm inclined to do the second one but what do you guys think?


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Wow, looking great!

Personally i think your current setup doesn't sound so bad for firing.  maybe spacebar auto shoots, but hold shift to power the next shot(can only be done while not shooting).

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