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Kseh Woa V - 2017-08-11

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Below is a screen shot of some assorted items that I've placed in a part of a world that I've flown the UFO to.

Basically, I now have an in-game editor to place the castles, house, wizards, and alien troops (though the alien troops are not supposed to have an on world starting positions). I can position them, save them and load them and I'm pretty happy about this because I haven't gotten an in-game editor together before and it's pretty cool to have.

I have no actual game-play yet though. I am a bit concerned about getting it so that it's possible for each side to at least shoot at each other and otherwise provide something to do simply because there always is something unexpected. Such is the way of things I guess.

I also still need to place stuff on the various level maps (thinking I might do 5), make it so that you could load different levels from the main menu, implement win / loss stuff. There's also some additional game-play elements that I was hoping to add to make it a more strategic game. But I'm not sure I'll have time for that or not. Stuff like ship health regeneration and replenishing soldiers.



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