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Day 5 - It's possible to win

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I have a lot of screenshots today.


Here you can see my fancy new health bar on units. I kinda like the look of the text being slightly larger than the bar. I might use the same effect for the progress bar for training units.


The units can fight. They deal about 20 health every 0.5 second of standing still. That means a standing still unit can kill a unit moving past, while no damage is done in return. Also, a unit moving in will lose health first, and lose a 1 on 1 fight. This means you need a significant majority to be able to pull of a strong offense. I hope adding ranged units will make combat a bit more complicated, and introduce some interesting strategy on both sides.


It's possible to win, by destroying the opponents base. I even have a ugly technicolor screen to show you.

I seem to have introduced a bug where units can get stuck on the top right corner of buildings. There is a sub bug where this sometimes happens on only one computer. The bug must be somewhere near my new collision detection system. Hopefully I can fix that before the finish, since it's quite easy to make a unit invisible to the other team by moving it back and forth the corner a couple of times until it gets stuck on the other computer. Randomly moving it will eventually unstuck it again.

The next thing I have to implement is some kind of money, ranged units, and towers. If I have time it would be useful to have some kind of restriction on building stuff right in the middle of the enemies base. I don't really want a static line in the middle of the field, but instead I think you should be able to conquer more territory, like maybe you can build upto your own farthest unit or the enemies first building, whatever comes first.

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Looks good so far, don't forget to post a link to each new blog post you make into the competition thread!

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