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WOA V Day 5

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I have a lot less time for development these days... Progress has been slow today, but I have managed to add in some tower effects and remove aliens on death. I have also spent some time refactoring code and have added in the basics of level save and load. Not happy with the arrows at all, OpenGL is refusing to draw line primitives for some reason :( so I have settled on points.


Tomorrow I need to get waves of enemies working. As well as victory and game over conditions. Hopefully I can move the tower and alien definitions out of the game code and in to text files, this should allow me to more easily create levels and balance the game.

I had hoped to get a version uploaded by today but this has not happened. I doubt anyone will be able to run this before the end of the competition.

I've been tight for time to look at other posts but the few I have seen all look good, I suspect there will be some very good entries to play.

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