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As the dust settles...

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Embassy of Time


Holy.... mother.... of.... god....

Well, that was a learning experience. The kitten orphanage is on hold for now. After a few weeks, I was handed two feral cats and their four kittens to care for. It did not go well. They basically destroyed my home office in disgusting ways (the kittens were innocent, their two mothers did the destruction), and when I asked the people I volunteered for to take them back, they lambasted me for being a liar and worse, because I had offered to take in cats, so I had to take care of those, and now shut up. It escalated and they retaliated by taking all cats back and blacklisting me. I would say "unprofessional", but in their defense, they never claimed to be professional. It became clear to me, too late, that they had nooo idea what they were doing, and were just winging it. And as a side effect, the last two weeks have involved me trying to get rid of fleas, which EVERY SINGLE CAT had when they handed them over to me. I had nightmares about fleas... and then the nightmares came true. Literally, I remember a dream about standing in my house and watching fleas swarm up my legs, and the next day, I found that two-week old fleas were hatching... when they swarmed on me and crawled up my legs!!!

I am still in flea-hunter mode. My own Dylan just got sterilized and my Charlie is pretty old, so I worry about their constant reactions to fleas. It's getting better, but it requires me turning my house inside out to scrub everything down. For once, I wish I had only my old 30 square meter (300sqft) apartment in the city.

Also, my dad was diagnosed with early signs of ALS and Dementia. He's taking it a bit better than the rest of us. Except he got swindled out of 30,000 Kroner (about US$5000), which I luckily managed to track down and get back for him.

So yeah, my life is a bit of a mess right now. Still got plans to help kittens, because goddamn does this place need someone to do that stuff right. The whole "every science must be conquered" thing is on hold, and my making games strictly based on my own enjoyment of scientific simulation is equally paused. Once I get back into game development, it's going to be more focused. I am lucky enough to have some friends in the production consulting field, and they are giving me some of their time to see if this game dev stuff can be done better for me. But right now, my head is just spinning. Just when you think things cannot get more insane.....

So anyway.... how are you doing??

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