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Week of Awesome V - Day 5



Greetings & Salutations.

End of day five for me.
I have completed the boss battle levels, I had to split the level into two parts to avoid spending an extra hour or two to get a savegame for the boss battle so that you don't have to do the level over if you die.

My packaging test resulted in a failed copying of files due to some kinda resource updating issue, Deleting the saved and intermediate folders solved the issue.
But now the starter content showed back up.
So either it was not deleted when I told the editor to, Or it is adding it back on its own.

There is a post on the UE forums with:

I think that is the culprit, Actually just seen a post on the UE AnswerHub where Eric Ketchum(Epic staff) says that is what it does.

Overview of things done today:
  • Did the boss battle
  • Added tracer fire to the enemies
  • Added some sounds
  • Did a quick tutorial
  • Shows a random tip on the death screen
  • Got some options that can be tweaked(Engine scalabality, mouse sensitivity)
  • Did some work on my pickups (health, ammo)
  • Set the frogman's armor to be partially metallic


Tomorros todo:
  • Remove the unused starter content, Again
  • Do a full playtest
  • See if I can get a family member or two to do a play test or two
  • Add some enemies to the tutorial
  • Add default map as a practice ground for players
  • Add full input contols listing to tutorial
  • Add readme file
  • Do some general polishing
Here is a screenshot of the first level from a low angle:
Kinda late now, I can sleep next week :)
I guess some other people will too.
Thats all for now,
Thanks for reading.


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I've heard UE is pretty notorious at constantly readding the starter pack assets back to a game.  hopefully you can get that sorted permanently :)

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15 hours ago, slicer4ever said:

I've heard UE is pretty notorious at constantly readding the starter pack assets back to a game.  hopefully you can get that sorted permanently :)

It was wiered as I did not expect that to happen.
But it turns out it is a "feature", There is a startup action that can insert packs if they are not present.

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