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Strawberry Alert: Day 5



Play it! | View on GitHub

End of day five. The current state almost resembles an actual game. I added some platforms so that the player can jump around and a flag at the end of the level.

Next things on my list to implement:

  • Move backwards.
  • Scoring.
  • Hit points and alien attacks.

I will be happy if I manage to finish these three things by the end of Sunday.


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Looks pretty good so far!  my only annoyance is trying to get on some of the platforms if you don't move+jump you just jump straight up in the air, making no progress.  maybe allow some small movement while in the air to fine tune where you land.

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Like it a lot, the feel of the game reminds me a lot of retro games.

Also had problems with the platforms. For me it's not being able to move back when I missed a jump.

If you made the camera only move when the player is in the middle of the screen then it would be possible to go back a bit without needing the scene to rollback. You know like the Mario games.

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It's looks neat thus far! My main critique would be that it feels a little easy--there's no real threat to the player, and with a little patience there's little challenge in killing all of the aliens. Perhaps some tricky choices, or special types of alien (fast aliens, perhaps?), or damage to the player?

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