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Project Castle Day 5 update

Scouting Ninja


So first day of the weekend and I  spend my time focusing on making the game playable.


In the above image we see the game running at 50FPS on a mid range PC. With 4608 blocks, representing the buildings in the game.

The idea is that once a bullet is fired into a building it explodes a small part of it, causing the building to fall over. The buildings will be used to crush the enemies by checking for a collision with a X amount of force.

I realized that these blocks where to small and to build cities the size I need for the game +/- 5000 objects would not be enough. So destroyed parts will keep cleaning them self up and only the lower floors need small blocks, I think as the buildings increase in size they will reduce in complexity.


This image shows the newer and improved collisions boxes with more realistic physics. Each one of these now take the place of 4 old blocks. One interesting thing I found here was that the building parts would fall over and block paths.


In my testing now I tried adding in the aliens, it was a bad idea. The updates on the nav mesh needed for them to adapt to thousands of blocks falling is too much. At the same time I don't want them to immediately adapt because they move away from the falling blocks.

So my plan is to remove that tag from the blocks and use the shadow casting block to also predict the path. Then after a block enters rest I will remove it and replace it with a fully static block with the nav mesh tag.


My aim to get done by the contest end:

1) Tank track shader working. With at least the tank on it's second graphics pass.

2) Particles to make things look better.

3) Aliens in and working and health system

4) Aliens and blocks explode into pieces that can cause chain reactions.

It isn't much but with the little time I have left this is the most important part to focus.


Recommended Comments

I hope I'll be able to play this game on my PC.

The game looks like it's really fun.

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