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Week of Awesome V - Day #6

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And that's my final entry as for today. Tomorrow I'm on a 11 hour flight and will probably be completely exhausted.

Not much has changed, two more bug fixes, two more stages and a gold counter as sort of score. I'm pretty pleased with how the game came out, albeit designing decent stages is really really taking a long time. This idea is something I might come back to. Neat things to add: An automated camera (or free look), non-quad tiles (slanted roofs for example), a background story.


I've updated the backup link with the lastest version ( http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/WoA5_Endurion_AssassinsrUs.zip ). Also re-submitted on the WoA page as well (but didn't test the upload)


Great entries y'all from what I can see, can't wait to test them properly! Have fun!

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Congratulations on producing a final entry! ^_^


I hope that you have a good flight--and manage to get at least some rest in those eleven hours!

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Well done on getting a completed entry out the door and for doing it in under a week!!

I look forward to playing it!

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No doubt this one will be amongst the finals. The art gives a nice retro feel and the whole game plays well. The reset is fast so there is no pain when you get caught.

The only thing I could think to improve is the tutorial telling you what to do, yet doesn't say how to do it.

Good luck with the contest.

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