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WoA V : Day 5



Today was a productive day. I did not really encounter major problems except that I had a little difficulty to make the exhaust following the enemy ships when they rotated. I happily found a small solution on the internet. I present it to you:

Public Vector2 GetPositionOfExhaust (Vector2 _vCenter, float _fDistance, float _fDirectionInRadians)
	Float yDifference = (float) Math.Sin (_fDirectionInRadians);
	Float xDifference = (float) Math.Cos (_fDirectionInRadians);
	Vector2 vDirection = new Vector2 (xDifference, yDifference);
	Vector2 vPrecisePositionOfSatellite = _vCenter + vDirection * _fDistance;
	Return vPrecisePositionOfSatellite;

This code comes from: http://xboxforums.create.msdn.com/forums/t/112011.aspx

To conclude, here some screenshots of the progress:





Here is my objectives for Day 6:

  • Finish the tutorial
  • Make the first level
  • Start to integrate the first boss battle



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this looks really good! Im also going to be starting my blog soon! Quick question where do you get the art for the game assets? They look really neat!

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Tank you for your comment. Here's the answer for your question :

- The character was made by a friend of mine.

- The gui is a pack that I buy at this address : https://graphicriver.net/item/space-game-gui-pack/9264290

- The spaceship and background come from : https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/2d-space-shooter-assets-space-rage-1775/ 

- The ennemy ships come from packs on unity asset store.

- Sometings you don't see in the screenshots but you can listen when you play is the music. All my music come from : http://eliteferrex.newgrounds.com/ or https://eliteferrex.bandcamp.com/


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