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WoA V — Update 2

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I've got my first day off since I started working on the project.  Started early this morning, got bullied a bit by my laptop arbitrarily and suddenly restarting, cursed a little, got over it, and spent some time on art.

I've got about nine and a half hours clocked into the project so far.


Since yesterday, enemies are swinging swords and running after you, falling (knights are subject to gravity, too, after all), and knocking you away and hurting you with their swings.  You can shoot them to kill them (which still causes them to awkwardly disappear for now).


I'm working on getting the art into the game and ready to go.  Too much fooling around with enemies when the art isn't in the game yet is just going to end up wasting time when I have to go through and switch values around because nothing is sized appropriately.


I still need archers.  Lancemen might get the axe...quite literally, because I'm planning on implementing healthier, stronger, slower, axe-wielding soldiers in their stead, which knock you harder and have a larger weapon/hitbox.


I'm not much of an artist, but I'm doing my best with my voxels...

Although it's all looking a little crude, I don't really have the time to putt around with it.  I'm happy with the scale and style I have, for now.

I've got the player model in and I'm working on getting the soldier model in.  Simple, flat colors with a blocky style.  Might not be the prettiest or most impressive, but hopefully it'll get the job done.  Trying to make sure the entities (player and foes) have a brighter palette, and I plan on giving the castle parts a darker palette so the entities contrast well with it and read easily.


When things are a little further on, I'll post some screenshots where it's all together, in-game.


I'll be working on getting most of the art in today, with proper player death and respawn.  I've decided to make levels in separate scenes, give the player 3-5 lives per level, and reload/reset the scene if they lose all their lives.

After that, I'll try to get a nice tutorial in with some explanations of the mechanics.  Lots of core stuff to do, not a whole lot of time to do it.  We'll see how it goes.  If anything, we'll throw audio under the bridge and end up with another soundless game.  I hope it doesn't come down to that, but I'd rather lose a possible 1-10 points on audio than lack mechanics, art, polish, and a nice tutorial.

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