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Day 6 - Money, archers, and a nicer connection screen

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I have archers/ranged units. They cost money to build, and you get the exact same amount of money back by killing them then it cost to build it. This way, the total money in the game remains constant, but it may go from one player to the other. A good strategy is to try to get a large percentage of the money so the other player can not reinforce their lines. You can also see that units now form into a more natural formation instead of a straight column. The units tend to move back and forth a few times before finding a empty space though.


I have a better screen to make a connection, and show some game instructions at the same time. The game window is now re-sizeable, so you can get a better overview of the game field.

The game is pretty much done, as far as I am going to be able to come. There may be some minor tweaks, I really want to get some better way to deal with a broken connection instead of simply shutting down. Mistyping the ip right now freezes the program, which will crash after 10-15 seconds.

I have submitted a tentative version, though I'll probably fix some more stuff in the future.


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Got it working. Game play is nice and simple, easy to understand.

The AI and art style work very well, it's like a Dwarf fortes thing where there behavior and art limitations allow the imagination to interpreted there actions.

When starting there is no indication that the IP entered is working it just hangs and starts. When it fails it hangs and crashes with a time out warning. So I kept thinking it failed when it actually worked.

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