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Week of Awesome V, Part 6: Save the music.



Today I've added sound to the game. Music is now played for the aliens and the UFO even has a separate more "boss-battly" track. There are also some sound effects, most notably the aliens and the player getting hit. Nothing for navigating the menus though, I consider that to be a lower priority.

Also I've changed the shader for the level and characters to make things look like they happen at night. Since you can't have a proper creepy alien invasion unless it's at night.

There are also new areas in the game. Now you start in a cabin instead of right in the middle of the woods. The cabin has some interactable items, most importantly the fridge which restores the player's HP. The other area I've added is the cliffs, which is where the UFO boss lurks. It's quite a climb to the boss, so make sure you have gained a few levels.

Lastly, every time you enter a new area the game will save. And when you restart the game you will start from where you entered the area with the stats you had at the that time. The save file is simply named "save.json" so if you want to cheat, go ahead.

Download link:

Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel.



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Yes, I'm very happy with the game as it is already. Now if I just add consumable items to the game, I can make the combat a bit more interesting.

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