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Week of Awesome V - Day 6



Greetings and Salutations.

A prior commitment has meant I have not been able to spend as much time on my entry today.
So most of what I have done is basically QL and polishing.
Some things done today:
  • Enemy frogmen go into a ragdoll on death, Then deleted after five seconds
  • There are sounds for: damaging turrents & frogmen, player being hurt, no ammo
  • Some playtesting done
  • Added a difficulty option that can be changed at any time (It changes the amount of health & ammo regen you have, Base regen value of 1)
  • Reducing the packaged game size, It is now down to ~200MiB on disk, And ~145MiB in zip archive
  • Finished the credits screen
  • Added a prologue and epilogue (text messages)
  • Added option to change screen scaling & shadow quality, The game runs kinda slow for some reason.

Some things to do tomorrow:

  • Investigate the performance issues
  • More play testing
  • QL improvements
  • See if I can get the bush & rock materials to package, For some reason they are not even tho they have the correct settings,


That's all for now,
Thanks for reading.


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