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Day 6 - Almost there!

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Only a day left, the game still needs more polish (and music is still missing) but I like how it looks and feels.

Made a lot of progress of art and bug fixing.


Currently I'm working on music, this can take a while so I might only be able to put sound effects.

Also some other details missing:

  • When player wins they are shown a celebration image, with the credits and some options. (this needs art)
  • When a mage dies it should show a +1 star symbol on top of it.
  • Balance the castle life and the spawn rate of the mages.
  • Put a cursor image when hovering a button.
  • A main menu.

These are minor details, but they will improve the game by x100

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      The download file is a .zip, and there is no installer so you need to find the .exe in Binaries/Win64.
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      Unlike most Platformers, TIRELESS removes any sort of combat or enemies, thus making the game's primary focus platforming. But platforming needs to be done right. TIRELESS takes platforming to the next level, offering a wide variety of levels and challenges for the player to discover.

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      Customization is one of my favorite part in games, in TIRELESS, you can change colors of your character, along with the wings he's wearing. Other then that, there are also camera filters which change the overall color of the game to make it look different and offer a cool new experience to each level. It almost feels like you are in a completely different place.

      Try out the Free Downloadable TIRELESS DEMO Now!

    • By Sakirin is Cool
      I represent Node Collective LLC. We're working on a pretty small, adventure project, similar in linear style to "Brothers: The Tale of Two Sons."  We're all working quite hard to accomplish this project, and really collaborating on ideas. It's about the adventure of a wife, to find her missing husband on a snowy winter planet, with aliens, and foreign entities. Including, from a development standpoint, an open field for planting and expressing creative ideas. Our team consists of professionals, college grads, and hobbyists. Perhaps you'll learn from others, and gain good experience. We're a pretty tight team/family here at Node, and we're looking to expand the company in the future towards larger projects.
      What we're looking for,
      We're pretty stocked up and everyone, from graphics designers to modelers to sound designers. But we have a pretty limited staff count when towards the programming and level design side of things. So, any of those are much appreciated, although you're free to contact us if you're anything else. 
      If interested; 
      contact me on Discord @ Tannoy#0850


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