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Week of Awesome V: Day 6: The Tower of Chains



Greetings and salutations!

This is, for me, the final day of the jam; thus, what I've completed today is intended to be my final submission...

First, once again, a screenshot showing some of that final submission:


So, what does that submission include?

First of all, I'm not terribly happy with what I achieved this year. While I like at least some of it, and rather like the concept, what I managed to do by the end didn't match up to what I'd hoped to make. In particular, the level is brief, has no true end, and isn't terribly interesting to look at, while the gameplay wants for some serious tuning.

Still, I do rather like the "chain" mechanic; having the various chunks of the level rearrange under the influence of the chains is something that I find neat, and interesting.

As for what, precisely, I got done today, let's see--off the top of my head:
 - A custom cursor for the menus
 - Player death, a new popup menu that appears on death, and the option to restart the game should one die
 - Cheat codes ("i" toggles invincibility, while "m" gives the player the two collectible weapons)
 - An on-screen player-character hand (begun yesterday, as I recall)
 - Adjustments to the player-spell casting effects
 - Sound effects
 - A quick-and-dirty level
 - Various tweaks and bug-fixes

(I may well be forgetting something.)

So that's it! Whether my entry is judged good or not, I very much enjoyed the jam--it's a little gruelling, as I run it, but thoroughly enjoyable. ^_^

That's all for today--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^


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      * be familiar with/passionate about farming sims, RPGs, dating sims, and the Isekai genre
      * know about NEET culture
      * be able to commit on a long-term project
      * you should be a team-player
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