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A guide to surviving in the wild

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It's not enough to carry a weapon on hand, or swing with valor. A survivor will need to know their opponents well, and they'll need to know how to live off the land and scavenge for resources.

Sharklets may look adorable, but the energy from the rift has morphed their genetics and they no longer survive only in water. Up close they attack swiftly with powerful jaws. Try to flee and they will belly slide after you with great tenacity.

Despite a derpy appearance, the Shamaleon has a variety of defense mechanisms. From afar it belches poisonous bubbles. Up close, it attacks with a spiked horn and a tail lash.

Slimes have adapted to using camouflage. They disguise themselves as plants or rocks until their prey gets nearby. Use caution when traveling in lush areas, as they pull the leaves inside and immediately attack.

Deadwood's are a multi threat enemy. Get up close and they will hammer into the ground, destroying targets in close proximity. From afar they cast nature magic, and can snare their prey.

There are a variety of rumors circulating the Knobolds. They travel in groups, each wearing a different rank of masks. Where you find one, more or surely nearby. They attack up close, with range, or with magic. There is safety in numbers and they will surely outnumber you.


Knowledge is part of the battle, but it is not all of it. You will need to live off the land. Most everyone uses water buckets or watering cans to maintain their crops, but for some reason you are attuned to the Mists Shard. It has unlimited watering capacity, and can be enhanced to water larger fields. Don't mind the face the cloud makes when summoned. It always feels better after "draining the tank."

When all of these options have been utilized, be sure to gather resources to hold one last advantage. Every so often Seed and Feed sends packages airmail to customers in other towns. Every so often one of those packages floats over town. Perhaps befriending someone will lead to the ability to "borrow" a few of those packages. It is life and death afterall.




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