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WoA V - Update 3


While I have made a lot of progress, I ultimately had to decide not to enter the project.

As I'd feared, time got a little out of control.

There's too much stuff left to wrap up before the deadline (and I'm already losing sleep).  I don't want to enter something that doesn't feel like a proper game experience.  The poor judges have to play it, after all!


If I'd started on time, I might've had something vaguely passable by now, but I only realized the Week of Awesome had started after the first 2 days passed...

I'm still rather surprised by how quickly I managed to implement what I made so far, and how quickly it started to feel fun when the knights started swinging and the particle systems came into play.


I did promise screenshots, so here are some knights on a backdrop of rather crude "castle-themed" art (and Unity's default skybox...):




Not sure if I'll end up using them for anything, but we'll see.  They're not technically animated; they just bob up and down 1 voxel at a time, and their arms are separate game objects that pivot at the shoulder to chop down with their weapon.


I'd wanted to try a project similar to this one for a while (3D, over-the-shoulder shooter with no up/down aiming, just straight shooting, and an arcade-y style), and the fire under my ass caused by a tight deadline really got me iterating on it quickly.


While I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't put out something to be judged and played, I did learn and stretch my game dev muscles a lot.  There's always next year, after all!

I look forward to seeing what everyone created, and good luck to all the participants!

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Ah, I'm sorry to read that you're not entering, and that you ran out of time!


It looks as though it might have been a cute game, at least. ^_^

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