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Day 7 - Final day

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Here we are, the final day!

Today I spend most of my time cruching, polishing some features and balancing the gameplay. Its feels good enough so better leave that way...

Also I managed to make some sound effects and background music (nothing fancy, but its something).

While I'm writing this, the game is being uploaded to https://neonlightgames.com/woa/ and I also posted it on http://gamejolt.com/games/Aliensfromthesky/276519 as backup

I enjoyed this game jam as I found difficult to implement 2 themes and its a week, where usually game jams are 2-3 days, everything felt like a nice change of format. Posting devblogs each day was something that I'm not used to but I think I should do it for my next games.

I want to say thank you to the WoA community for being active and to @slicer4ever for this opportunity :)

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Nice game. What I liked the most is how clearly the color of the enemy and projectiles tell who is firing what at you. I like that they hide in the castle.

I like the simple concept and how complex game you made in the short time. Upgrade choices feel important and deciding to risk loosing score to take a shot at the castle and see if you can defeat it is a good mechanic.

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