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WOA - 5

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WOA-5 day -7



hey guys, so here is the final day... Me and Anomaly didnt had  a lot of time but still managed to complete the game. This last day was stressfull... For the last two days we didnt had much time so done mostly nothing. Today we started to work from the middle of the day and finished like 20 minutes until the deadline. xD

The game looks kinda bad because the level was done in the last 4 hours and we didnt really had time to check all the mechanics. We had some traps made but didnt managed to implement them, After finishing this game we come to  the conclusion about the people who says that unity is bad engine(the games that they know  probably  looks like ours).

But all in all we are satisfied with that we made in the time that we had. If the time will let we will probably participate and on another year.

So thats all. :D



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