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Aliens from the Sky - Post Mortem

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About the game

Aliens from the Sky is an arena based shooter, where you as an alien need to destroy the human castle, avoid the mage spells and upgrade your ship.

What went well

  • Game in a playable state.

  • Effects and details that adds up to the overall user experience.

  • Flexible design that allowed to cut some features without compromising gameplay.

  • Implemented at least 3 upgrades.

  • Both themes (Alien invasion, Castle) seems to work well.

What went wrong

  • Spend the first 2 days mostly designing, had several ideas but all were out of scope.

  • No main menu.

  • Wanted and still want to do pixel art instead of vector art.

  • Music and sound effects could be better.

  • End game scene needs a lot of polish.

  • Had to cut difficulty levels and just focus on one.


When designing I was thinking only on themes instead of mechanics, which led to projects out of scope. And I should work look for teams to work with.

Overall I’m happy with the results, hopefully I’ll participate next year.

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