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What Really App Store Updates Mean for Your App?


When Apple announced a redesign for its decade old App Store just a few months ago, app makers for the platform all over the world felt expectant and apprehensive about the kind of impact it's going to have to their apps. Apps with a star-studded presence in App Store were most apprehensive, quite naturally. For a vast majority of mobile app development companies, it was rather a good one as it could make their app rating and positioning better if not worse. In all considerations, such a big update received a lot of buzzfrom the developer community.

Apart from the general awe, apprehension and expectations, what does an update of such nature mean for the apps and their prospects? That is precisely what we would like to explain here.


Finding apps would be easier than ever

If you take a deeper look at how the apps generate revenue and get discovered, you are bound to recognise that apps that deserve most buzz for their long-term usefulness often remain undiscovered while apps that become popular for shorter span get the most limelight. Many users simply cannot know of certain useful apps just because they remain unknown and undiscovered.

The latest update of the App Store will help us deal with this issue of discoverability. From now on the editorial team of the Apple will choose apps for featured list and various chosen categories as per the quality of the app. With the new focus on quality, the App Store now through a card based system of a display will showcase best apps of each category. The various featured cards that will help to showcase best apps include Sneak Peak, Apple of the Day, Major Update, Now Trending, etc. Obviously, this new system will make finding apps easier than ever before.

Optimised product page

One of the best things with the new update is the optimised product page which will allow offering more detailed information about the apps. Having a good preview of the app is always impressive and boosting for users to download an app. The new App Store update will have value-added previews, localization details of the app, and new text fields. The app previews in the new App Store only got better and detailed with an array of attributes. The product page also allows showcasing in-app purchases, and users can make purchases way before downloading the app.

Far better search function

Another impressive way new App Store can add value to the user experience and app discoverability is the new and better search function. Users can find apps and related contents about the apps more quickly with enhanced search. Search results now will consist of detailed layers of information including in-app purchases, app developers, ratings, a collection of apps from the same publisher, categories, editorial remarks and stories, tips, etc. A search function allowing users having so many information about an app right from the App Store will obviously render positive impacts on download.

Editors have a lot to say and for the better

If you look at the new and updated App Store, you are bound to recognise that instead of depending on so-called machine algorithms, Apple this time is bent on improving quality through its editorial team. App Store this time is all set to deliver an editorial experience to the users just for the sake of making the user experience better.

Based on the quality of the apps in each category Apple introduced a card based selection system to feature quality apps across categories. From introducing users it's the regularly updated contents through selection like Meet the Developer and Behind the Scenes or What’s on My iPhone to more need focused contents through selections like Pro Tip, Life Hack, The Basics, the curated and edited contents of the new App Store will help us access apps better as per preference and needs.

Ratings revamped for the better

The new App Store helped apps coming with their app updates without needing to be concerned about messing with the app rating. Unlike earlier times when ratings were meant separately for each different update, app ratings are now considered with all subsequent updates together. This will help developers coming with a freshly updated app to come out clean and get a rating based on the latest update. This will obviously help developers to come with more frequent updates as this is not likely to bring down the rating of an app.

The focus is on user experience and nothing else

The focus of the new App Store primarily rests on user experience. Apple is head bent to help users find apps they need while allowing quality app producers more exposure to the users their apps are meant for. Apple has realised that the App Store has come of age and is a densely crowded place with a multitude of apps. To give more exposure to quality apps for specific user contexts and needs, Apple had to devise a redesign to clear the clutter with a consistent focus on quality.

For mobile app developers, the new App Store unleashed a bounty of never before opportunity to reach their target audience more easily and garner more traction and downloads from the users. In the long run, the new App Store will only push the qualitative focus and make a better place for the users as well as developers of the iOS platform.


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