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Mobile Apps For Learning And Practicing Mathematics



Mobile technology and devices have seen great transformation. For over a decade, the use of mobile devices by man has advanced. Other than communication, mobile devices play huge roles in solving our daily problems. Today, their use extends across many fields. In education, business, health and governance etc., they are in use. Emergence of mobile apps has driven massive transformation in mobile technology and devices. They are part of our everyday life. More than before, they have become solution providers to some of man’s problems. Solving many problems for man other than communication.


The use of mobile apps has grown. Mobile devices have become powerful mathematical devices. App developers and mobile apps developers design apps for education, health, and business. In education, mobile apps help students explore many educational problems. There are mobile apps to handle educational tasks like measurements, history, and accounting. Students use these apps to solve math, science, geometry, statistics and language problems. The right mathematical mobile app takes away the headache of complex calculations.. Students on the go can learn and keep tab with their academics. The truth is these downloadable mobile apps are the turning point in mobile learning. Thanks to mobile technology and top mobile app development companies.


On daily basis, mobile app developers release Mathematical apps. It is possible that many apps exist for each topic in mathematics. Top app development companies work to meet growing demands for mathematical mobile apps. In the classrooms and at home, students use these apps to learn and solve mathematics. These apps can help users to practice and build their mathematical skills. They help improve the mathematical fluency of users with time. In as much as they are for learning purposes, they also provide fun and entertainment. We have put together a list of mathematical mobile apps for use in learning and solving math.


Math Ref is another great math mobile app. It is available to users of Android and Apple mobile devices. This is a reference app for math formulas. User can check more than 1400 math formula on this app. This app covers math formulas on topics like trigonometry, calculus, algebra. Besides, it provides formulas in chemistry and physics. There is a unit converter and calculator on this app. It costs $2.99 for download.


Math Workout is a mobile app that works only on Android mobile devices. It provides students one question per day to test their mental mathematical ability. This app ensures that student develop their mental arithmetic from its mathematical drills. It provides charts to track the progress of its users.


Falling Math is compatible only on Android mobile devices. This is an easy mobile game that enhances the mathematical skills of its users. Its users only need to click the correct answer from a falling list of answers on the mobile device screen. It requires its users to be fast in calculating their answers. This is the only approach to meet up with the fast falling answers. This app is more than a game because it helps improve the mathematical skills of its users.


PCalc Lite is a free math mobile app available to users of Apple mobile devices. This app is a lithe scientific calculator with great features. This app covers many mathematical operations with variety of work to do. This app can solve operations like trigonometry, unit conversion, and logarithm. There are many add-on features in this app. More features are available for buy by users seeking for more powerful calculator. A complete version of this app costs $9.99.


Operation Math is a math mobile app for both Android and Apple mobile devices. For Android device users, it cost $1.99 whereas for Apple device users it costs $2.99. This app focuses on all arithmetic operations. It transforms users into spies travelling around the world to solve math problems. It is available to both kids and adults. Kids who want to learn math can use this app to do so.


Mathway is available to both Android and Apple mobile device users. It is free for downloads but cost $19.99 for monthly subscription. It is a math learning app that allows users plug in questions into the app. For every given mathematical operation, this app provides users with step-by-by solutions. Users can either type the mathematical problem into the app or use their device camera to do so. This app covers several topics like calculus, statistics, and algebra. This is a useful study aid to students and will help haters of math develop interest in the subject.


Number Frames is available to users of Apple mobile devices. This mobile app provides users with powerful interactive resources and math tools. It aim is to help students improve on their math skills through repeated practice. This is an app where users explore the association between numbers. Associations between math operations in this app are possible through virtual manipulation. This app is for kids and helps build their foundation in math.


Einstein Math Academy is an app available to users of Android and Apple devices. This mobile app provide all irrespective of age with edutainment. On this app, adults and children alike can learn and practice math. This is a game app where users find math equations that work. There are four game modes on this app, kids, timeless, quick, and survival. This app requires student to be very good in math due to its complex scoring system. This app is available for free download and helps its users to improve their math skills.


Mathspace is an app whose aim is to replace physical math texts. It is available to users of Android and Apple mobile devices. This mobile app helps provide digital math textbooks to teachers and students. It provides a platform of interactive modules on a various mathematical topics. There are more than 20,000 interactive math problems on this app. Users hand-written solve these problems indicating step-by-step solutions. There is a learning engine on the app to provide precise feedbacks for solutions. This app provides video lessons and a platform for teachers’ feedback to students. This app can solve operations on trigonometry, geometry, statistics, graphing, and probability. Premium subscription is between $7.99 per week to $79.99 per year. It supports the mathematical curriculum of Australian, United Kingdom, and United States.


Wolfram Alpha is a mobile app available to users of Android and Apple mobile devices. It covers a variety of subjects including math. This app performs math operations involving numbers, algebra, graphical equations, and statistics. This app does not only solve math but provides graphic representations of solutions. It also provides formula details and explanation on given solutions.


Math operations are intimidating but with the right mobile apps, solutions are available. App developers, mobile app developers, and top app development companies will meet demands. These apps will help users to have new perspective of math. Get up and acquaint yourself with these apps that make math operations as easy as possible. Besides, there are many math mobile apps available to man. Our discussion covers only a few of them.


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