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Newer v12.47 of Candy's Space Adventures are available now!


Hi everybody!

Now, Candy's Space Adventures v12.47 are available. I changed it and it looked

like Candy's Space Mysteries II v4.27. I removed bugs & glitches,

consolided the space. I wanted to add teleporation.


Recently, Candy World II v5.97 & Candy to the Rescue IV v4.75 was released too.

The ending has been unlocked in Candy World II: The Golden Bones,

giving the best of this game I've made since 2005.


A long while ago, I've released Candy World Adventures IV v4.37. It is still

a good game. This 2D game is still fun & I may need new fans.


This game is now absolutely beautiful & run at a fast speed.


I want to continue Candy Racing Cup v2.01 & add more

space elements in the new Lights of Dreams IV v5.97.


Also, A simple version of Age of Dreams was enough to give more than 17000 downloads,

Four version of Lights of Dreams gave me 13500 downloads on cnet.download.com.

We need your help to get more downloads, please help us.


Hope you'll appreciate my new & old games.




Xilvan Design.

My Whole new Wix Website.

My Whole new Weebly Website.

My Youtube Channel.






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