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Day 7 - Final (GDD Complete)


I've finally finished my GDD. It's not perfect and it's my first time even doing one. I'm sure there are some major holes. But I got what I wanted from it. A taste of doing a GDD for a game that would qualify for the WoA 2017 contest and could be made in a week.



This was fun. I'll probably do some more "small" game like this just to get the hang of doing this.

I invite everyone to read it, critique it, and if it's real bad thrash it.




Recommended Comments

Nice self-challenge!

I've just browsed through quickly, but your document seems reasonably well organised, and the game described seems like a complete idea.

The gameplay is fairly basic, and the zombie types could be implemented as a re-colour of one graphic with just a few values changed, so it would probably be reasonable to try to create the game within a week.

Do you have any plans to try implementing the design as well?

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Honestly that wasn't the intention in the near future. I just wanted to get my feet wet by doing one of these. But I probably should try to implement one just to make sure the GDD is readable and my idea of what's feasible in a week is realistic.

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