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Screenshot Monday #4 - Hardware shop

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Hi everyone :)uni

Here's today screenshot, the Hardware Shop:
Project SpaceVille - Hardware shop concept artSMLXL
Want some tools to do your day-to-day activities. This is the place to go! And this is the building you should be looking for when the comercial zone is built.
Right now, the insider build has a Shovel, an Insect Net and an Axe available to play with. However, there'll be more tools will be available in this shop! And these tools will be consumable, so be sure to stock some (laughs).
Fun Fact: Someone we know messes a lot with us for naming this Screenshot Monday, he insists it should have been Mockup Monday! (laughs)

Cya next week, guys!



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      As does everyone on this site, I suppose. Allow me to elaborate.
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