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Flying High Again

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Looks like I've been neglecting this blog a bit too much lately so here is an update.

I've been working on the Combat system a little more.   


After cleaning up the unit action system, I've finally had time to work on the flying feature.    I really need to find the right type of camera for this game or it might be a bit too confusing for the player.  In addition, it's clear to me that I need to add height/position indicators so that the player knows what tile the movement selector, targeted unit, and selected unit are over.   Perhaps a translucent pillar of some sort will suffice. 



The game will now allow you to spend action points to guard with one or more weapons attacks.   The number of readied attacks is only limited by your action point total.  When an enemy enters your weapon reach, you attack first (gold box game style)  It's setup right now so that all your guarding attacks fire off at the triggering enemy.    I might change that by giving the player an option or only allow one attack per enemy.  Adding over-watch ability (guarding with ranged weapons) is next on my hit list.  Hopefully both systems will play nicely together.  

Coding this was really complicated too, especially when several units are guarding the same square.   Without the internal Event Messaging System I created the task would be near impossible.  

(Don't mind the Animations or the UI as I haven't focused on it.   The artifacts in this Gif are from GifCam, which I'm not using anymore)


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