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Mobile Avoid These Mistakes And Your App Will Be A Hit




Why do some mobile apps hit while others fail? This issue did not generate so much concern before now but the number of failed apps has exploded with the app developers being unable to figure out why their mobile apps failed. Although there is so much competition in the enterprise app development world, that can’t be the reason for the failure of so many mobile apps.

It can be demoralizing to enterprise app development companies that despite the amount of financial and non-financial resources dissipated into the development of some apps, these apps fail to yield the expected returns. The rate of mobile apps failure has led to the investigation of the likely causes of app failure. Some of the common causes have been outlined below.

Unsubstantiated Assumption

Some developers assume that their app ideas are unique and outstanding and people will love it. Any thought that has not been proved is nothing but a mere assumption. A lot of developers do not go into proper feasibility study before getting straight to work. They don’t find out how much people need it. They don’t find out how many close substitutes the proposed app already has.

When they finally develop the app, it will be a failure from the beginning. Find out people’s opinions about your proposed app. May be this will wake you up to the harsh reality on the ground. Well, it is better to be stung by people’s opinion at the proposal stage than to spend days of hard work developing what won’t just work.

You need to be clear about your main objective of developing the app and work towards it. After conducting a thorough market research, now ask yourself if the result of the research shows that the app will be embraced. If not, you have to go back to the drawing board and come up with another idea. The most surefire way to start is to look for a need gap that can be bridged with a mobile app. Simply develop an app that will bridge the gap.

Wrong Timing

Another major reason for failure of apps is wrong timing. Some people actually did a market research and found out that the app will be a huge success but for some reasons, they could not develop and launch the app until about a year after. They forgot to consider the fact that technology advances at a breakneck speed. No market research report is 100 percent reliable after three months, let alone 1 year.

May be within the 1 year period, a lot of similar apps have been developed to fulfill the needs they wanted to fulfill with their app. The point here is clear. Every market research report should not be used after 3 months. Instead another research should be conducted.

Poor Marketing Strategy

When developing an app, most developers have the following steps in mind:

1. Design and develop the app

2. Launch the app

3. Market the app

4. Attract regulars visitors

5. Get customers

6. Make a fortune

While a lot of developers succeeded, much more do not get beyond step 3. This is because they never realized that steps 4 and 5 are more important and more challenging than step 1. You need to come up with several strategies to continuously attract visitors. Apart from that, you also need to bear in mind that it is one thing to attract visitors, it is another to make them download your app.

These are the things app builders need to get right before developing their app. But most of them usually play down the importance of these two steps to the detriment of their app. It is very disturbing that a recent study revealed that only 0.01 percent of mobile apps have the chances of being financially successful. Could the mobile app world be saturated already?

Numerous Ads

Ads are a major source of revenue from a mobile app. A lot of app developers over exploit this avenue. They allow too many ads to be displayed on their app and this frustrates and annoys users. Some developers believe that this will force the users to pay for a non-ad version of their app. They often forget that users will rather delete it and go for a free alternative with fewer ads.

No App Optimization Effort

With the number of apps that are being launched on a daily basis, a very effective app optimization technique is required to get seen in the crowd. It is no longer only website that should be optimized. A lot of your target audience are not even aware of the existence of your mobile app. Without any app optimization effort, you are only winking in the dark and you expect a response. Remember there are over 2 million apps available right now and the figure keeps increasing by the day.

Little Owner Control

A lot of apps fail because the owners have limited control over them. When a mobile app is developed for a company, the staff of the company should be able to edit the app to an extent. For instance, if a particular product is no more available, it should be removed from the app. Companies want apps that they can edit easily. Apps with WordPress development are the ones that give owners so much control. Most of the best app developers now opt for WordPress development. Apart from offering a high level of owner control, WordPress platform allows developers to make use of already used codes. So, WordPress development offers improved turnaround time.

Consumption of Large Memory Space

A good app should be small. That way, it will consume less storage and memory space. Apart from that, it will also consume less mobile data when it is being downloaded. Needless to say, prospective users will be discouraged if the app is too big.

Lack of Simplicity of Use

It is quite difficult to use some apps. There are too many apps for someone to take lectures on how to use any app. Your app should have a simple interface and should be very easy to use. Make it as intuitive as possible. A 10-year-old should be your target. Make it in such a way that a 10-year-old kid can navigate his way without any assistance.

This is why it is advisable to only include necessary features. If your app becomes congested with unnecessary features just to impress users, you will get opposite of what you intend to achieve – It will turn them off. While uniqueness is great, it should have a limit. Make use of universally accepted icons for some functions. For instance, if in your bid to create uniqueness, you use any other icon for search function apart from the popular magnifying glass, it will be counter-productive as it will make your app more difficult to use.


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