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Devlog #11 - You won't believe what happened!



Presenting @ Game Dev Meet


Last week, on Friday, we were at Game Dev Meet @Porto. We presented “Project SpaceVille” and it was awesome!


Do you know those times when you’re doing a presentation and you ask “Does anyone have questions?” and then there’s an awkward silence because no one cared about what you are talking about? Well, surprisingly that didn’t happen! (laughs) Our audience had a lot of questions for us and showed a lot of interest in talking to us. We were actually amazed and very pleased by the reaction! (laughs)


Furthermore, there was another nice surprise yet to come! There was this artist in the meet, and he drew a caricature of both us while we were presenting “SpaceVille”! Here’s a pic of it:


Game Dev Meet @Porto - FAXIME CariacturesSMLXL



That was awesome. Thank you very much, José Raimundo! :)


The Alpha Launch


This past Friday was also the launch of the “SpaceVille”’s alpha programme! A lot of people of people have joined it already, having early access to play and test the game! But there’s always room for more of you to join in.


They’re being a bit shy about posting in our forum for now, but we’ve been receiving some private messages on Facebook with feedback from the game! It’s been great talking to different people and hearing their opinions. And of course, getting bug reports. (laughs)


Going to Lisbon


A few days ago, out of the blue, we got a call from the Spring IT Con in Lisbon, asking us to be a part of the talks this weekend! And we said YES, of course! (laughs)


So, next friday we will be traveling to Lisbon to show off “Project SpaceVille” and its development process! We’re very excited since we don’t know many people from that region of Portugal. It’ll be a great opportunity to expand our network and show our game to new people.


It's What's Inside That Counts


Now that we have a new member on the team, we’ll try to post new content and update the alpha more regularly! We decided that we’d start with the interior of the player’s house. We’ll start by developing some wallpapers and carpets, and eventually reach to some furniture.


We’re also thinking of creating a new villager NPC, but we haven’t decided in which animal to go for next! Maybe you’ll have the power to decide in our social networks… (wink) And if you have any ideas feel free to share with us!


Cya next week, guys!



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