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First peek to the gameplay


Hi and welcome to my Gamedev-blog. I update here more details of game design and coding i as go along. You can also check my site for the game at https://pandemicz.net/

Okey, this is pre-alpha product but just to give some idea to the gameplay. Sorry about audio, it is recorded from external speakers.

* Shooting, reloading, shells and clips are now working with pretty damn satisfying results!

* 3D-audio is now implemented with 10 different screams (based on character models). A lot more of audio is coming in near future.

* Automatic camera tilting is implemented. If view to player is blocked, camera tilts to show player. Bit jerky still, but it’s a start.

* Blood decals have now more “realistic” shaders.

* Little UI elements have been added (human and infected counters)

A lot more is coming to enhance gameplay: automatic turrets, different weapons and in-game-money for example!


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